The benefits of using polished concrete floors Melbourne

Concrete has been best known for its cost-saving and durability features. With contemporary technologies, businesses and homeowners are finding that they can harness the perks of concrete in their floor by adding other additional benefits. The polished concrete floor is a prevalent alternative to all other flooring materials due to many notable benefits, including reduced maintenance, aesthetics and lower total cost. The performance and superior durability of polished concrete floors Melbourne (by Total Concrete Polishing)  have made it a great finish for warehouses, retail stores and office facilities. Homeowners also prefer choosing high-luster and smooth floors that emulate the appearance of polished stone.

Obtain easy to maintain, smooth and reflective surface using polished concrete



  • Engineers and architects choose high quality polished concrete as their desired finished floor. Uniqueness, light reflectivity and uniqueness are some of the reasons why this sort of flooring system is soon becoming one of the highly sought after hard surfaces.
  • The other favored option of polished concrete is the limitless variety of available decorative options. The complete design flexibility enables the craftsman to create amazing floors, which are ideal.
  • Ease of maintenance is the major reason why several retail facilities and warehouses are choosing polished concrete. Polished floors are not only easy to clean, which necessitate only occasional buffing or mopping. They also hold up excellently to foot traffic and forklift.
  • The Melbourne concrete floor polishing is a good alternative for businesses or homeowners that find it difficult to afford granite or marble floors. However, they certainly want the same mirror-like and brilliant finish.


Exciting features of polished concrete floors


  • The choices of pattern, color and texture are countless, by the use of integral color, dyes and stains along with engraving or sandblasting techniques. It is easy to replicate the appearance of terrazzo or stone by exposing the aggregate and utilizing different coloring methods.
  • The polished concrete floors Melbourne, in particular, are striking in looks. They are available in range of colors and also in different levels of sheen based on the degree of shine and reflectivity that is intended.
  • It is easy to add colors to polished concrete with specially formulated concrete dyes as well as reactive concrete stains. Hand crafted saw cuts and stencils can be included to develop colorful features and logos or to define particular areas of usage within the polished concrete floor.
  • The Melbourne concrete floor polishing is regarded as a great sustainable and energy efficient flooring choice as majority of the buildings have existing concrete floor, which can be diamond polished. Polishing the existing concrete slab avoids the energy, cost and material consumed to apply a coating or floor covering.