A little care can Make The Outdoor Furnitures Longlasting

Summer is the perfect time to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather. Patio furniture, therefore, has to be of the best quality so that it can withstand the rain and sun. Quality products followed by careful handling and maintenance can ensure that they are useful for a long time. The methods of caring for the furniture will depend on the material it is made of. Regular maintenance is important for extending their longevity. Most come with a manual that explains the maintenance methods. The furniture comes in a variety of materials including polyethylene, plastic, metal, and even exotic wood.


Change the slings and straps

Most of the parts and materials covering outdoor furniture can be replaced. The damage usually takes place due to the exposure to the natural weather. It can cause the slings to get discolored and tear. The strapping on the chair also eventually faces the same end. Replacements are available but they have to replaced at the right time to make the structure last long. Also, it is important to know the process of replacement so that you can do it yourself. Many of the websites which sell such materials offer do-it-yourself instructions which need to be followed strictly. You will need to measure, snip, and install it properly using the right techniques.

Repaint the Furniture:

In spite of regular maintenance, outdoor furniture repainting is necessary from time to time. If you are using wrought iron ones then try to use a primer that is rust-resistant. However, if the piece is rusty then it will have to be sandblasted and coated with powder. But a coat of varnish works fine if it is made of wood. Add to that a mild bit of scrubbing at the beginning and end of each season and your outdoor furniture is sure to last for a long time. Wicker ones can be kept clean with a little scrubbing and coating of varnish. But these should be kept outside for shorter periods and preferably in the shade. Plastic ones get scratched easily during cleaning and painting them too often can result in its peeling off.


Change the Cushions:

Clean cushions are inviting but mold and mildew can catch old ones and so it is best to change them. Fabric colors are bound to fade in the sun but you can spray something that protects them from the UV rays. If the cotton filling inside the cushions has become lumpy, smelly, and molded then refilling them with fresh ones that last in all kinds of weather is a good idea. Try not to wash furniture or fabric in ground water since minerals like iron oxide and sulfur can easily stain them.


A Few Suggestions That Might Come Handy!

Make it your habit to practice some easy tips regularly so that your furniture remains in good condition.

  • Wipe furniture after it rains or better still cover them before it starts.
  • Remove food spills and suntan lotions to keep the surface clean.
  • Replace missing pieces and bolts and screws.
  • Aluminum furniture can be recycled and have a resale value.


So, follow the above mentioned suggestions and increase the longevity of your furnitures!